Saturday, January 23, 2010

Menu for January 25th - January 31st

Well we have reached the end of January already, where does the time go! Football is almost over and we will have to find something else to do on sundays. On to the menu, this week my sweet princess announced to me that she would like to cook dinner one night. She has a couple cookbooks, so we sat down and picked a recipe. I'm very excited! I don't know how often a 6 year old wants to cook dinner. I am so proud of her. Since the kids were born they have been in the kitchen with me. I have mastered cooking with a baby on my hip, in my way, and now 2 big ones asking what are you doing, what are we having. Kili reads the menu board every week with excitement, and I love it. I also have 2 new recipes on the menu this week. I'm making sloppy joe's for the first time in my life! The other new recipe is a stuffing and cheese covered pork loin chop, that sounds really good. Pork and stuffing just seem to go together really well. Dessert for the week is a recipe I found in an old Kraft magazine I had. I have been doing a lot of cleaning out and organizing, and finding things I have not looked at in a long time. The only weekend prep I have to do for the week is make homemade cream of mushroom soup for the pork chop recipe. Everybody have a good week and enjoy!

Monday- Kili cooks Hula Stir Fry, potstickers
Tuesday-Sloppy Joe's, tater tots, Vegetable Chopped Salad
Wednesday- Baked Chicken, Bacon & Cheese Skillet Potatoes, butter carrots
Thursday- Pork Chop Stuffing Bake, broccoli
Friday- Take out
Saturday- Supreme Pizza Pasta, orange slices
Sunday- New York Strip Steaks, mashed potatoes, peas

Dessert of the week- Chocolate Turtle Cheesecake


  1. I'm curious about the Hula stir-fry. Sounds interesting. what makes it Hula? You go Kili!

  2. It has pineapple in it, its out of her kid cookbook and everything in that book has fun names like that 8-)