Sunday, April 11, 2010

Menu for April 12th - April 18th

Nothing exciting going on this week. Just the normal work, take kids to school, help with homework, laundry. I'm still wishing the weather would stay nice, hmm maybe next week. I think I might take the kids to murray farms next weekend, I have wanted to for a while. It looks like a very fun place for kids and adults too. This weeks menu is all new recipes, so I will be doing a lot of posting. One of the recipes was inspired by an episode of 19 kids and counting. I watch that show occasionally to remind myself that if that woman can be that calm with all those kids I should be fine. Everybody have a great week!

Monday- Ham and Cheese Calzone, asparagus
Tuesday- Ribeyes, homestyle mashed potato, orange salad
Wednesday- Chicken Etti, broccoli
Thursday- Meatball Sandwiches, green beans
Friday- Quick Chili Mac, green salad
Saturday- Stuffing Chicken Casserole, artichokes
Sunday- All American Cheeseburger, fries, butter carrots

Dessert of the Week: Chocolate Chip Cookies