Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Menu for September 6th - September 12th

We had a wonderful holiday weekend. Hope you did too. The kids have only been school for 2 weeks but they were very happy to have a day off. This week is the first week of football, that is very exciting for me. I get  to start my special monday night menus again. It looks like the niners might do good this year and I can't wait for that, seems like it has been awhile since they had a winning season. The menu this week is very simple with two new recipes, a household favorite, and a stir fry. Hope it is a good one, enjoy!

Monday- Labor Day
Tuesday- Beef Stir Fry, sticky rice
Wednesday- BBQ Cheddar Burgers, fries
Thursday- Regular Season Kickoff Minnesota Vikings at New Orleans Saints, Jambalaya, peach slices
Friday- Hamburger Helper Salisbury Steak with Crock Pot Meat, green salad
Saturday- Taco Casserole, green beans
Sunday- BBQ Brisket, Sausages, country potatoes, fruit salad

Dessert of the Week: Dark Chocolate Brownies