Monday, February 22, 2010

Menu for February 22nd - February 28th

So it seems that we have hit the time of year in the veggie box that stumps me the most. It is so easy to be seasonal in summer when there are tons of fruit and veggies available. Thank goodness I froze bell peppers, green beans and corn when they were in season. This week my box included collard greens and chard. The chard I have made before but not comfortable with it yet, and collard greens I have no idea what i'm doing with those. Also the only fruit we are getting right now is citrus and new this week kiwi. I don't care for kiwi but after weeks of citrus a kiwi tasted pretty good. We will be headed to the beach for the weekend for the last time, amazing how fast a month can go. The menu this includes 2 new recipes and another version of chicken pot pie.

Monday- Beef Tacos, green salad
Tuesday- Ham and Cheese Macaroni, orange and kiwi salad
Wednesday- Smothered Pot Roast with Brussel Sprouts
Thursday- Chicken Pot Pie
Friday- Birthday Party
Saturday-To Beach
Sunday- Pizza, green salad