Sunday, February 14, 2010

Menu for February 14th - February 21st

After taking a little break from blogging and a little beach trip with the family, i'm back with new recipes and new ideas. Hope everybody is still interested. Since I started this blog I have not gone more than a couple days without posting. I was terrified I might lose my audience, but everybody seems to enjoy it as much as I do and i'm so proud. Well enough of that lets get to the menu. First off I made this a sunday to sunday menu so I could include Valentines Day. I have had lots of requests for crock pot recipes so I will be posting one every week(until I run out that is). I'm doing a lot of experimenting with dry beans. They are a good low cost source of protein, and I enjoy them. It seems winter is almost gone so casserole and soup season in our house will be ending. I try to only use the oven a couple of days a week once it warms up. My array of seasonal veggies is interesting right now. I find myself cooking and eating things I never would have bought out of a grocery store. The enjoyment of opening my veggie box every week never gets old. I will be happy when we get other fruit besides citrus though. I encourage everyone to at least for one week go to the farmers market and see whats in season locally. Even if it looks strange buy it and try it. You might find something you love that you would not have tried before. For me recently it has been turnips. I had never eaten or cooked them before this year. Now they are one of my favorites, to me they are like a radish and potato mixed together. Also Tuesday is "Fat Tuesday" so we have to have some cajun food.

Sunday- Valentines Day- King crab legs, Buttermilk Mashed Potatoes, asparagus
Monday- Beef Enchilada Casserole, refried beans, green beans
Tuesday- Red Beans & Rice, bread
Wednesday- Chicken Winter Veggie Casserole, orange slices
Thursday- Pinto Beans & Beef, cheese quesadillas
Friday- pizza, green salad
Saturday- Roasted Chicken & Winter Veggies with Gravy
Sunday- Ribeyes, Spicy Baked Beans, green salad

Dessert of the Week- Red Velvet Cupcakes