Saturday, October 31, 2009

Menu for November 2nd - November 8th

I have decided to try a new recipe from a cookbook or blog every week. I will post the recipe, then the picture then let you know what the family thought. This week the recipe will be from Rachael Ray.
I'm also going to try to theme monday nights dinners on foods and recipes enjoyed in the town the monday night football game is played in.
MNF game Atlanta vs. New Orleans

Monday- Jambalaya, green salad
Tuesday- Pork loin chop, mashed red potatoes, homemade applesauce
Thursday- Steak stir fry, sticky rice
Friday- Take out
Saturday- Steak flauta enchiladas, fruit salad
Sunday- Baked penne, sauteed spinach

Dessert of the week: Apple Pie

Abundant Harvest Box and Farmers Market

It was a really good box this week, lots of new stuff!
1 head red leaf lettuce, 1 head napa cabbage, 5 baby turnips, 7 small zucchini, lots of red potatoes, 1 pound of spinach, 4 shallots, lots of pears, 12 persimmons, 1 bunch dill, 3 eggplant, 1 butternut squash. At the farmers market I picked up mushrooms, red and yellow onions, apples, green beans, and 3 red bell peppers( i'm thinking the bell peppers are going to be ending soon so i'm trying to stock up).
We are making applesauce again this week, the kids ate everything we made in two days last week. I also bought another 20 pounds of tomatoes, so I will be busy cooking those up this week.


Happy Halloween!

My beautiful children decorated these yummy cupcakes yesterday. Halloween is my favorite holiday so I have a fun menu planned for today. We will be having chicken fingers, worms and cheese, snack bugs, green worms(green beans), caramel corn, and rice crispie skulls. The kids are dressing as a storm trooper and alice in wonderland, all of our friends are coming to trick or treat with us. I will post pictures tomorrow. Everybody have a great halloween!