Sunday, January 16, 2011

Menu for January 17th - January 23rd

So far my precious baby just eats and sleeps so I have time to work on my recipes. I'm trying to do 2 new ones a week, big emphasis on trying. Waking up every 2 hours throughout the night can make your brain a little foggy. I have 2 brand new recipes this week and 2 others that are not new to our table but have not been posted yet. I have been craving a rich delicious chocolate cake so that will be the dessert, something about breastfeeding gives me the worst sweet tooth ever. Happy January, I love the weather!

Monday- Pork Loin Chop, scalloped potatoes, butter carrots
Tuesday- Beef and Broccoli, sticky rice
Wednesday- Tater Tot Casserole, green salad
Thursday- Smothered Chicken over Brown Rice, orange segments
Friday- Homemade French Bread Pizza
Saturday- Spicy Rigatoni, caesar salad, garlic bread
Sunday- Football inspired burgers! The afternoon game is New York Jets @ Pittsburgh Steelers. So i'm making Roethlis-Burger Sliders and Sanchez Sliders

Dessert of the Week: Chocolate Cake

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