Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Menu for March 29th - April 4th

Spring break whoo hoo! A week of sleeping in! Not having to rush to get out of the house, no homework, no pressure. A week of relaxation and enjoying your life. Funny when I was 20 it was a week about going somewhere and partying like crazy. Amazing how things change in ten years! Then at the end of your relaxing week you get to spend a day eating ham, potatoes and watching your amazing children hunt for eggs as they are completely overdressed. I love Easter! So here is a simple menu for the week. Hope yours is relaxing and completely enjoyable!

Monday- Creamy Lemon Chicken Primavera
Tuesday- Pork Chops with Orange Sauce, sticky rice, stir fried veggies
Wednesday- Spaghetti Pie
Thursday- Shephards Pie(crock pot)
Friday- pizza, green salad
Saturday- Birthday Party
Sunday- Easter

Dessert of the Week: Bunny Cupcakes

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