Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Pears(as many as you want to use)
You will need a big pot with a little bit of water and a steamer basket and a blender.

Make It:
Take the pears, core them and cut them into good sized pieces. Put the pot over high heat and once water is boiling turn down heat a little and add pears to steamer basket, cover. Cook until pears are tender 6-10 minutes. Turn off heat. Spoon pears into blender, blend until smooth, add add some of the water that you steamed them in if you need to. Be careful though it can get thin really fast. Continue until all are blended and smooth. I put a jar of it into the fridge for the week and froze a bag of it, to enjoy in the winter. The rest I froze as baby food.

I divided it into an icetray and put in the freezer. After it is frozen I pop it out and place in sandwich bags. At meal times I take out two cubes, defrost them and serve.

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